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2014 03 09 23 45 12
「Cydiaへようこそ」?「Welcome to Cydia」はどこへいった?!
先ほど、突然Cydiaが日本語化されました。Twitterでエゴサーチすると「何故今更?」「ダサすぎる・・」「(・ω・ ;)(; ・ω・)」と話題になっています。また、Cydiaの全てが日本語になった訳でなく一部というのがまたキモくさせている。




2014 03 09 23 45 12

また、通常Cydiaは改変を防止するためにパッチは当てれません。Cydiaの心を開けるTweakはActivator, libstatusbar, SimulatedKeyEvents, WinterBoardだけと決め打ちされています。





1. リポジトリを追加

2. “cydia-prefs-en”をインストール

2014 03 10 13 58 07
3. リスプリング後、Cydiaを再度起動し英語に戻っている事を確認。

2014 03 10 03 34 44


1. 以下のファイル(com.saurik.Cydia.plist)をダウンロードします。


2. 設定ファイルを置き換える


iFunBox for Windows | File Manager, Browser, Explorer, Transferer for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

3. Cydiaをスイッチャーから消す。

2014 03 10 04 02 49
4. Cydiaを再度起動し、英語に戻っている事を確認。

2014 03 10 03 34 44



iOS 7の脱獄後、よくある質問・トラブルシューティング | きんちゃんぶろぐ



では、きんちゃん( @wa_kinchan )でした。

29 Thoughts on “Cydiaが日本語化に・・・ダサすぎると話題!システム言語を変えずにもとに戻す方法。

  1. Hello! I’m curious, is the main problem that the translation is not good enough quality? Or do you just prefer having it in English? (Or maybe some other reason?)

    • きんちゃん。(@wa_kinchan) Blog Administrator on 2014年3月10日 at 8:03 午後 said:

      Hello! To tell the truth, Not so good is the quality of the Japanese translation.. So, I felt the need to revert to English. Japanese is a 2bit, not good looks too. I think it also whether one factor.

      • Can you please say more about what “2bit” means, and the way in which the Japanese doesn’t look good? The way we are using Japanese in the UI seems very similar to the way it is used in Apple’s UI. As an example: if you go to the Settings application, Apple has an identical layout to Cydia, with Japanese text used for the items at the same font size as the English.

        • きんちゃん。(@wa_kinchan) Blog Administrator on 2014年3月13日 at 2:53 午前 said:

          I will also talk about five points that I noticed about the difference between the translation of Cydia and We feel uncomfortable due to the difference in these. If it is possible, Please tell the translation company.

          1. is used for Japanese, The less a postpositional particle of Japanese, the better.
          “アカウントの管理” -> “アカウント管理”

          2. Japanese people use English in daily, There is not need to be translated into Japanese.
          “Cydia へようこそ” -> “Welcome to Cydia”
          “ジェイルブレイク” -> “Jailbreak”
          “作成者” -> “by”

          3. Em should be avoided. There is no need to 2byte display to English.
          “FAQ” -> “FAQ”
          “&” -> “&”

          4. We don’t like too much space between the English and Japanese.
          “Cydia アカウント” -> “Cydiaアカウント”
          “Facebook で接続” -> “Facebook で接続”

          5. Free translation is necessary a little.
          “正式に購入したパッケージ” -> “購入済みパッケージ”

          Just for your information:

    • Great works and tough challenges for Cydia localization but double-byte charaters like Japanese is not suitable (I learned personally) for the design of English websites and difficult in keeping nicely shaped due to the width of font and font family.

      • Thank you both! We are working on getting the translation improved by another translator. That’s interesting that it also looks awkward in a visual sense. Would it help if the font size were smaller? And maybe not a bold font?

        We just would like Cydia to be easier to understand (and more welcoming) for people who don’t know much English. We’ve been working on translations for other languages as well. :)

        • きんちゃん。(@wa_kinchan) Blog Administrator on 2014年3月11日 at 12:26 午後 said:

          I understand. I cooperation in the improvement.
          Will you plan to translate all pages and cydia-lproj?

          • Yes, we are planning to add Japanese translations for the strings that are currently in cydia-lproj.

            We are hoping to also gradually add more translations of other important pages, but that is less certain.

          • To be clear, the only reason the cydia-lproj for Japanese has not already been pushed was because the reaction from Japanese users regarding the translation has been so confusing that we are attempting to understand what is going on before we go ahead with more pervasive changes: in essence, we are stuck in a middle-ground holding pattern while we receive feedback on some of the translated web content, in order to determine whether 1) the entire concept of translating Cydia into Japanese is somehow flawed or 2) the translation company we are using simply needs to be told to approach the problem differently. Had the reaction not been so unexpected, including people immediately attempting to figure out how to revert the translations, I was intending on pushing the new Cydia client-side translation packages the same day the webs-side updates were pushed.

        • We are very happy to help your team for improving translations and keeping good shape as the previous web view. The success key factor is not “word for word” translation. In general, this will bring redundant descriptions not “one word” and lose the layout especially line break.

          My little concern is that easy JailBreak is not always good for user who don’t use English because English is common language for JB community like QA btw users and developers.

          Thank you again for your great and tough jobs and I have great sympathy for your objective.

          • Thanks! We would welcome advice on strings that seem especially wrong. For example, by email we received a few suggestions for improving “Jailbreak”, “Manage Account”, “More Package Sources”, and “Copying Files to/from Device”.

            I agree that the Cydia community would be very hard to participate in for somebody who does not know any English (or only a little bit). But I think that there are many people who understand some English but prefer to read in their main language when possible, and I am hoping that a good translation would help those people. :)

        • @BlogFromAmerica on 2014年3月12日 at 4:30 午前 said:

          For example, Apple’s iOS iTunes translates:
          “Featured” -> “おすすめ” (direct English translation of “おすすめ” is “recommendation”)
          “Genres” -> “カテゴリー”
          “New Releases” -> “ベスト新着”

          You need find someone who can understand both “language” and “what words are used in iPhone/smartphone applicatons in Japan ALREADY; that is someone who are familiar with using Japanese-language smartphone applications and its development.
          You need a language translator who is also a cultural interpreter.
          Otherwise, your “not-so-accepted-by-Japanese, word-for-word” translation makes your software quality appear a low quality.

      • Can you say more about how Japanese is not suitable for “the design of English websites”? Cydia is mostly modeled after the iOS Settings application. As far as I can tell, Japanese is used (visually, in terms of layout, font size, etc.) by Apple and by Cydia in the exact same way.

        • Sorry to be misunderstood . We didn’t say that Japanese is not suitable for “the design of English websites” , but we wanted to say that a wrong use or translattion of Japanese ruined “the design of English websites” .
          So you had better ask Japanese community for Cydia’s Japanese translation as my opinion .

  2. Tools4Hackさんのところにも書かせていただきましたが、iPhone5 ios6.0.2 iPad mini ios6.0でcydia-prefs-enが適用されません。com.saurik.cydia.plistも確認できません。
    iPhone5s ios7.0.6は適用されました。

    • きんちゃん。(@wa_kinchan) Blog Administrator on 2014年3月11日 at 5:42 午前 said:


  3. We’ve updated the translation in Cydia – can you let us know if this is better? Thank you all again for your comments.

    • きんちゃん。(@wa_kinchan) Blog Administrator on 2014年3月13日 at 1:06 午後 said:

      Thank you for your quick and proper adjustment. I feel as better than before. I felt the need to be improved a little more From the point of view of native people.

    • As my previous comments, my recommended translations are as follows:

      “Manage Account” = “アカウント管理”
      “Upgrading & Jailbreaking Help” = “アップデート時の注意事項”
      “TSS Center (SHSH & APTicket)” = “TSSセンター”
      “Copying Files to/from Device” = “ファイルの送受信”
      “OpenSSH Access How-To” = “OpenSSHの使い方”
      “Root Password How-To” = “rootパスワードの変更”
      “Useful Developer Resources” = “開発者向けの便利なリソース”
      “Credits / Thank you” = “クレジット/謝辞”
      “Privacy Policy” = “プライバシーポリシー”
      “Tools to Start With” = “基本ツール”
      “File Managers and Sharers” = “ファイルの管理と共有”
      “Security and Privacy Tools” = “セキュリティ/プライバシー”
      “Cydia Package Helpers” = “Cydiaパッケージ管理支援”
      “Annoyance Fixers” = “無効化ツール”
      “Requirements for Listing” = “掲載条件”
      “Request Advertising Space” = “広告スペースの申請”

  4. Britta,

    Thank you for your prompt response and efforts. Some words to be fixed still remain but much better look and feeling. I will update likely-translations word later.


    Multi-byte characters like Japanese and Chinese etc need two or more byte for 1 letter not single byte like ASCII. Websites combined Japanese and English sometimes strange for native people due to not only mistranslation but also unnatural look and feel.

    Other point, as I mentioned in the previous comment, word for word translation could be reduntant because the exact word of same meaning often doesn’t exist in Japanese. Two other colleagues pointed out appropriate words and almost fixed by Britta.

    Thank you very much for great works and contributions as always!

  5. いつもお世話になってます!






    • きんちゃん。(@wa_kinchan) Blog Administrator on 2014年3月15日 at 7:03 午後 said:


  6. >>Daiさん

  7. 記事と関係の事で申し訳ありません…
    思い当たる原因はこれと言ってありません… と の削除や、
    AppSync for iOS 7
    さらにはSafari/Mail Fixもインストールし、再起動しましたが改善されないのです。
    iPhone5s iOS7.0.6

    • きんちゃん。(@wa_kinchan) Blog Administrator on 2014年3月15日 at 7:02 午後 said:


  8. お忙しい中ありがとうございます^_^;

  9. わざわざお答え頂きありがとうございました!!




  10. 報告です。
    iPhone SE iOS 10.2 Yalu102_beta7の環境で入れた所、リポジトリの更新でエラーが出ました。


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